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Baltimore Snow Management

Keep Your Customers Safe With Our Snow & Ice Management Services

If you need snow removed from your property or business, Mid Atlantic Asphalt can help recommend the service that is right for you and take care of all your snow and ice management needs. The safety of your clients, guests, and/or patrons is important, so make sure you are prepared this winter by consulting with us. We provide top-quality service and are dedicated to ensuring you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Contact us online or call us at 410-999-1263 for assistance. We offer a wide variety of Baltimore snow management & ice management services.

Commercial Snow and Ice Removal in Baltimore

Commercial snow removal is an absolute necessity across Maryland. Snow and ice storms can prevent you, your employees and your customers from interacting with your business. There are also premises liability issues that come into play with adverse weather. You owe your customers a certain level of safety, which cannot be guaranteed if the roads, parking lots and sidewalks around your business are covered in ice and snow.

Turn to Mid Atlantic Asphalt for all your snow and ice management needs. We will answer your call in a prompt manner and provide professional snow removal services you can rely on in even the most extreme temperatures.

Our Services

We offer a variety of tailored snow clearing services to remediate snowy and icy conditions on your commercial property. These services include the following:

  • Snow plowing
  • Excessive snow removal
  • Snow blowing
  • Preventative surface treatments
  • De-icer and salt applications

When it comes to snow season, being proactive is the only way to ensure the roads and surrounding areas near your property or business are clear of ice and snow. We always stay on top of impending and hazardous weather events and will communicate this with you so you can schedule a service as soon as possible. We provide weather updates and real-time crew locations, utilizing Samsara GPS monitoring. Additionally, we use the Yeti Snow and Ice Management Platform.


We manufacture liquid brine in-house

We have over 20,000-gallons of storage capacity, and can manufacture approximately 20,000 gallons of liquid brine per day. We have a 320-ton rock salt storage building at our facility to ensure that our customers are never without the products necessary to ensure a safe environment.

There are two different types of liquid brine that we manufacture: sodium chloride liquid brine, which is used on asphalt surfaces, and calcium chloride liquid brine, which is used on concrete surfaces.

Why use liquid brine instead of solid rock salt calcium chloride? Solid rock salt does not do anything at all until it converts to liquid brine. When solid rock salt reacts to moisture, which could come from the air or from natural precipitation that is happening during a storm, it converts to liquid brine. Once the solid rock salt converts to liquid brine, only then does the liquid brine depress the freeze point of water, creating an endothermic effect, to below 32 degrees so water will actually freeze well below 32 degrees and instead somewhere around 20 degrees. When calcium chloride or magnesium chloride pellets react to moisture and convert to liquid brine it creates an exothermic effect, which actually creates heat. In both cases, to get the desired result, which is preventing ice from bonding to the surface, you need the rock salt and pellets in their liquid for as fast as possible. With liquid brine, you are achieving the same result just much faster.

Why Choose Mid Atlantic for Your Snow Removal and Ice Management Needs?

Mid Atlantic provides professional snow and ice removal services tailored to suit the specific needs of your property's pavement. It is imperative that you keep your property safe for yourself and your customers, especially during the wet, snowy cold months. When you work with Mid Atlantic, you can rest assured that all your needs will be taken care of and that your property will be safe.

Learn more about how Mid Atlantic can maintain your property not only in winter, but throughout the year. Contact us onlinetoday.

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