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Seal Coating in Baltimore

Extending Your Pavement’s Life

When you hire our professional team at Mid Atlantic Asphalt to install a new driveway or parking lot, you are already guaranteed an excellent product created with attention to detail. But how do you keep your pavement in peak condition? The most effective way to protect your investment is by seal coating it. For best results, we recommend waiting 9 months to 1 year after installation to ensure the pavement is completely cured before it is sealed.

Why Choose to Seal Coat?

Sealing your driveway or parking lot is the best way to protect the surface from water, sunlight, air, and even oil. When the surface is sealed regularly, it can repel oil spills and it is much easier to sweep your driveway clean.

Sealing Concrete vs. Sealing Asphalt

While both surfaces benefit from being sealed, sealing concrete also has decorative properties. The first coat of concrete sealer acts like a primer, disappearing below the surface. For this reason, our Baltimore seal coating contractors apply the sealer in two thin coats for effective and beautiful results. Sealing asphalt at least every 2 to 3 years is a cost-effective way to prevent expensive repairs and to maintain an inviting lot. Neither sealer can adhere to a wet surface, so it’s important to keep the pavement dry for at least 24 hours before sealing.

How Long Before I Can Drive on a Seal Coated Surface?

The temperature has an impact on the drying time for your new seal coated pavement. During the summer, between May and August, the weather is warm enough that we recommend keeping vehicles off the driveway or parking lot for 48 hours. That time increases to 72 hours during the colder months after September. However, you may walk across the driveway or parking lot after 24 hours. Just as the seal coat is unable to adhere to a wet surface, it also needs about 6 hours to dry before it gets wet, whether from rain, sprinklers, or other liquids.

Interested in learning more about extending the life of your pavement? Contact Mid Atlantic Asphalt at (410) 999-1263 to get answers about seal coating in Baltimore.


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