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Even though totally demolishing old, damaged pavement can be helpful for laying down a new asphalt layer, it is sometimes not the most feasible option. If you are facing a tight time frame or possess a limited budget for fixing a deteriorating pavement, Mid Atlantic Asphalt has the right solution for you. These solutions include asphalt overlay, milling overlay, fabric overlay, and stone dust overlay.

Four Decades of Quality Asphalt Paving & Repair

With over four decades of experience as Maryland asphalt paving contractors under our belts, we deliver only the highest quality of service when it comes to asphalt. In fact, many of the projects we’ve done more than a decade ago, including every single school in Anne Arundel and Prince George Counties, remain covered and strong until now.

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Asphalt Overlay

At Mid Atlantic Asphalt, we offer asphalt overlay, wherein our expert team simply applies the new asphalt layer to a damaged surface to improve its look and functionality. Before getting started on the asphalt overlay process, we always plan accordingly to ensure a job done right. We take the time to sit with you and discuss any of your specific needs such as the exact asphalt thickness or additional installations. We also make sure the project meets safety regulations and industry standards. Contact us today for more information on asphalt overlay repairs in Baltimore.

Milling Overlay

The mill and overlay technique is two basic stages. Milling is a technique that removes the top layer—about two inches—of the existing pavement prior to the asphalt overlay. We use a large milling machine to grind off the top layer and then covered the freshly milled surface with a coat of liquid tack. This helps the new asphalt bond to the existing pavement. Finally, a new layer of asphalt is overlaid for a smooth, durable new surface.

Fabric Overlay

If you have an asphalt surface that needs an upgrade, but you don't want to deal with the cost and hassle of completely replacing it, a fabric overlay may best serve your needs. Fabric overlays are applied over existing deteriorated asphalt to improve the appearance and structural integrity of existing pavement.

Before we apply your fabric overlay, we conduct repairs on the existing surface. The overlay needs a solid, reliable foundation to adhere to. This helps ensure a secure connection and prevents buckling. After the surface is prepped, we apply a tack coat to which the fabric will bond. After the fabric is pressed onto the adhesive, we pour a final layer of hot asphalt for a smooth, durable surface.

Stone Dust Overlay

Mid Atlantic Asphalt can perform a stone dust overlay to surfaces with severe cracking without needing to remove the damaged surface. Cracks are packed with stone dust, then a layer of stone dust is laid over the entire surface an inch thick to create separation between the damaged surface and the new asphalt. We'll grade the stone dust layer, then water it and roll it to ensure it a level surface before applying two layers of asphalt.

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