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Asphalt tends to crack as it ages. This is usually due to its tendency to shrink, though other factors also come to play when assessing the cause of your asphalt's cracks. Our team at Mid Atlantic Asphalt not only repairs your road, lot, or tennis court effectively, we also diagnose the cracks so we can help prevent them from happening again.

The most common causes of asphalt cracks include:

  • Asphalt shrinking as it ages
  • Heavy vehicles or equipment using the same lane repeatedly
  • Flooding without proper drainage
  • Poorly installed asphalt with a weak base thickness
  • Sudden and extreme temperature changes
  • Earthquake

Some of these causes happen naturally and we can only recommend repairing the asphalt as needed to prevent water logging your foundation, potholes, and trip hazards. Other causes can be addressed through changing traffic patterns, adjusting weight limits for your lots, and reinforcing the pavement with properly placed spacers.

Tired of tripping over asphalt cracks? Let us smooth the way. Ask for a free estimate from our Baltimore asphalt repair team by calling (410) 999-1263.

Master Crack Seals Through Quality Application

Short of total demolition and replacement, we believe heat-based fillers are the most reliable long-term solution for asphalt cracks. The extra elasticity of the product we use to seal your asphalt adds flexibility to those cracks. This flexibility helps prevent the asphalt from cracking over those repaired lines. We stand behind our crack repair product for its resilient durability that stands the test of time.

Since 1975, we have built a reputation for being the reliable asphalt crack repair contractors in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. We've spread our service area across the Mid Atlantic coast, aiming to provide more schools, businesses, and roadways with access to our trusted pavement repair services.

Find out what we can do about your cracked asphalt. Contact our asphalt contractors at (410) 999-1263.

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