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When you need work done on a parking lot that fits thousands of cars, you can count on Mid Atlantic Asphalt to approach the project with the same level of care and integrity that we’ve been delivering since 1975. We are a family-owned and operated company dedicated to quality, integrity, and customer service.

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Your parking lot is your property’s first impression for most customers. Is it up to your standards? Aside from new pavement installation, Mid Atlantic Asphalt excels in parking lot and walkway maintenance. Nobody likes a pothole – and the fire marshal can require businesses to keep fire lanes clearly marked for safety. Not only can we keep your space looking beautiful, but also functional and safe.

Explore Our Comprehensive Pavement Services in Baltimore:

Expert Asphalt Paving and Maintenance

Paving with asphalt is the preferred method for many roadways and parking lots because of its minimal downtime – the space can be opened to traffic much earlier than with concrete due to asphalt’s short curing period. This method is also more economical and environmentally friendly since asphalt can be recycled by pulverizing the base materials, mixing it with water and cement, then compacting and grading it to create a durable base for a new surface. Recycling the asphalt in this way decreases costs to 25-50% less than starting from scratch.

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Seal Coating

Protect your investment with seal coating. This process provides a barrier between your new pavement and the elements – like sun, water, traffic, and petroleum products – to increase the longevity of your lot as well as keep it beautiful. It’s most effective when applied during the first year of your parking lot’s life, with a fresh coat every 3-5 years. Our pavement professionals at Mid Atlantic Asphalt can work with you to determine the best seal coating schedule for your lot.

Crack Filling

Sometimes all your pavement needs is a little bit of TLC to get it back up to the quality your customers deserve. Filling cracks is an economical option to increase your parking lot’s longevity and maintain its subgrade, keeping moisture out that can damage the asphalt from within.

Professional Striping & Marking Services

Keep the peace in your parking lot with striping and marking. Maintaining the striping on your pavement allows for ideal traffic patterns and maximum parking capacity, making it easier for your customers to walk through the front door of your building. Not to mention safety – the fire marshal may require the fire lanes to be clearly marked. Trust Mid Atlantic Asphalt to keep your parking lot operating at peak efficiency.

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