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Snow & Ice Management for Baltimore Pavements

Prevent Pavement Damage With Regular Concrete Maintenance

Winters in the mid-Atlantic can be hard on the pavement. Concrete and asphalt do a fair job of standing up to the extreme temperatures for a season, though we often have to conduct repairs in between winters to make sure the pavement continues to last.

You might need concrete repairs after the winter if you've noticed:

  • Chips forming on the surface after an icy night
  • Cracks from the weight of the snow
  • Ice forming bumps in the otherwise smooth surface of your asphalt
  • Flaking of your concrete surface

Ask Mid Atlantic Asphalt to survey your pavement surfaces. We can recommend a number of techniques to help mitigate the damage that our local weather can cause on your concrete.

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Deicing Without Salt

We don't recommend putting salt on your concrete, as it can damage your pavement and cause significant cracks. It breaks down the surface of your concrete and makes your pavement weak. Some chemical deicers are good options for smaller areas, but make sure you clear away the deicer once the snow has melted.

Your HOA might have specific regulations regarding what you are allowed to put on your concrete or asphalt. Make sure you check with your management to avoid causing damage to your sidewalks or driveways.

Keep Your Concrete Sturdy

Before the snowy season begins, we recommend having your concrete cleaned and repaired. Cracks in the concrete invite ice to accumulate. Excess ice causes pressure in your concrete and will, inevitably, lead to more cracks and the risk of requiring total replacement. Clearing your driveway, sidewalks, and concrete patios of debris ahead of a snowfall will also help prevent damage.

Get more tips for caring for your concrete and asphalt through the winter by contacting our Baltimore concrete contractors at (410) 999-1263.

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