Tennis court renovation

Tennis court asphalt overlay is not always the best solution for a damaged asphalt, and there are several reasons why it is true. If the asphalt surface is 20 or more years old, most likely it has become brittle and structurally unstable. Huge cracks may also mean damaged sub-base or poorly compacted soils. In case your tennis court has one of these problems, consider asphalt reconstruction which will substantially improve the look and functionality of your court. Moreover, smooth and clean court surface ensures players’ safety and seamless game experience.

Mid Atlantic Asphalt is happy to offer you a wide range of tennis court repair services. Contact us, and we will send our representative to your site to inspect your tennis court condition. He will check if there are any major depressed areas on the asphalt surface where water ponds after heavy rains. Then he will see if there are any structural cracks. Depending on the surface issues your tennis court has, our specialist will offer you repair recommendations. They can range from a simple tennis court patching to a total asphalt reconstruction.


Tennis court restoration process

If you have decided to reconstruct your tennis court, be prepared that this process will roughly take 45 days. In the beginning, our specialists will bring all the necessary equipment to the site and start with taking down all of the existing posts, fence mesh, and rails. Then, with the help of the Bobcats and loaders, they will remove the existing asphalt and the old net post foundations. The removed asphalt will be hauled to a recycling facility. After that, the entire court will be proof-roled to make sure there are no weak or compromised areas in the sub-base. If our crew discovers that there are areas with poor soil, they will excavate and replace it with either crusher run stone or clean fill and compact the areas in 6” lifts. The next step will be grading the subgrade with a laser-guided motor grader. This step is necessary to ensure proper drainage.

When the prep part is done, GAB or crusher run stone will be hauled in and spread out over the court area. The new crusher run stone will also be graded and rolled in with the compaction equipment and large rollers. Finally, the new asphalt will be installed. It will have to cure for at least 14 days before we install new post foundation and a court fence. Then, our crew will lay out the new court, saw cut out the new asphalt, center the new strap anchor foundations, install new net posts and surface the court with the pre-selected colors. One of the final steps of the tennis court restoration is flooding the court area to identify any low spots and fill with a patch binder. Then, our crew will install acrylic resurfacer and color coat. In the very end, we will paint the lines and install your new nets and net posts.
If you need tennis court repair or restoration services, give us a call. We will send our specialists to inspect your court and recommend you the most effective solution. Mid Atlantic Asphalt serves the following areas in Maryland.

Anne Arundel County – Glen Burnie, Annapolis

Baltimore County – Towson and Baltimore city

Howard County – Columbia, Ellicott City

Montgomery County – Bethesda, Potomac

Prince George’s County – Bowie, Laurel

Benefits and Characteristics of Reconstruction

 Customizable design solutions
Customizable design solutions
We install necessary hard court accessories and can incorporate the existing fencing into the new hard court at your request.
 Continuous service
Continuous service
Installation takes about 4-6 weeks depending on the procedure. We perform complimentary cleanup and maintenance.