Crack Filling


Asphalt cracks are unattractive and uninviting, but their ugly appearance is not the only reason why they are considered to be a problem. Cracks can threaten the overall strength of your asphalt pavement which often leads to severe structural damages and huge expenses over the long term.
Water is the worst enemy of asphalt. It penetrates through cracks to your pavement and gets into the base layers, where they can create potholes which will eventually ruin your asphalt sub-base. However, if you partner with good crack sealing contractors and fill asphalt cracks in time, you will extend your asphalt lifespan and save money in the long run. Moreover, you will ensure pedestrians’ and drivers’ safety. The key to proper pavement protection is being always proactive and alert.

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Our cost-effective asphalt crack repair services begin with cleaning the debris, vegetation, and dust from the cracks. We use a high-pressure stream of air with a grinding wheel to remove everything that stuck in the cracks to ensure asphalt crack filler adheres tightly to joints. After that, we hot apply a polymer-based material to seal the cracks. The extreme heat causes the asphalt sides in the cracks to melt and create a stronger bond with the sealer upon cooling. High elasticity of the filler material makes it expand and contract with the thermal movements of the crack. Moreover, its high melting point prevents it from tracking or picking up with traffic. Once the fill has cooled down, your pavement is ready for sealcoating.


For pavement crack sealing, Mid Atlantic Asphalt uses only the highest-quality polymer-based material, CrackMaster Supreme. It has high elasticity for seal cracks in asphalt surfaces. This sealant is rubberized and hot-applied. It is formulated to withstand very high temperatures without experiencing polymer degradation. When properly applied, it forms a resilient sealant for pavements.


Watertight Protection
Watertight Protection
Our sealer prevents further deterioration of the ground beneath your pavement by blocking damaging surface moisture.
Hot is Better!
Hot is Better!
Hot seal application ensures better adhesion to the edges of the crack compared to a cold seal treatment.
More Flexible
More Flexible
CrackMAster Supreme material is highly elastic, allowing the seal to expand and contract with the thermal movement of the crack.
No Mess
No Mess
The sealer we use will not track or pick up with traffic.

Keep in mind that cracks need to be filled within one season of their first appearance, and when they grow bigger than 1/8”, they require taking immediate actions. If you are in need of crack filling service, get in touch with our crack repair experts. Mid Atlantic Asphalt serves the following areas in Maryland:

Anne Arundel County – Glen Burnie, Annapolis
Baltimore County – Towson and Baltimore city
Howard County – Columbia, Ellicott City
Montgomery County – Bethesda, Potomac
Prince George’s County – Bowie, Laurel

Prolong your asphalt pavement life with top-quality asphalt crack repair service!