Striping & Markings: the importance of keeping your parking lot visible, safe and compliant

Do you want to rise above the competition even higher? Nothing makes your business stand out better than its curb appeal, which creates a safe and customer-friendly environment. That gives a good peace of mind to every visitor and potential buyer – the supervisor here emphasizes safety and serviceability. And almost everyone passing by will be impressed by each single point and every detail bearing the very special sign of…

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Overlay VS. Mill & Overlay. When Do You Need Them?

Asphalt-covered area serving as a parking zone at your place of business is the `welcome carpet` for potential and every-day clients. And it often creates a lasting impression. Make all your clients feel good by maintaining a clean and comfortable exterior. That will guarantee the most positive reflection of the business you have worked so hard to create. Both the building and landscaping must look visitor-friendly, so make sure your…

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How to reduce your liability and save your money

It is undisputed that the right way of running business lies through increasing points of good public reflection, reputability, as well as safety, and reliability of your construction project. It also includes the very safety of the people, long-lasting trials regarding costly insurance claims as well as increased premiums for tomorrow’s foundational reconstruction works. Proper maintenance also concerns the customer/resident satisfaction, as cracks, heaving concrete sidewalls, faded parking stalls and…

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Get more from your tennis court by spending less money

“Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned” Ⓒ Benjamin Franklin Those who bear this principle wisely throughout life, feel a strong confidence in the future. The keyword here is the word ‘wisely.’ Whether we are talking about a delicious meaty hamburger or that fancy bag with an attractive discount, both tend to be a spontaneous expense, which bring us satisfaction but don’t provide much practical use. Following Mr. Franklin’s advice and…

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5 Reasons Why Repairing Potholes in Parking Lots Are Important

Potholes are quite a nuisance to car owners, pedestrians, and even property owners due to a number of valid reasons and concerns associated with them. Regardless of where they appear and the state of their condition, they alone serve as the primary cause of people taking a trip to their local auto repair shop, hospital, or even a construction contractor.  In short, neglecting potholes complicates the lives of parking lot…

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The Importance of Regular Sealcoating: The Myriad of Advantages and Benefits

The importance of seal coating of parking lots simply cannot be overstated. This is because such lots have to constantly and consistently bear the load of literally hundreds of kilograms every day and the slightest flaw in the structural integrity may be a cause for an incident or nearly unimaginable consequences. What is sealcoating? Sealcoating treatment typically consists of a combination of a diverse array of chemicals that include emulsified…


ADA-compliant Handicapped Parking Lot | Rules and Requirements

Enacted in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) served as a step in the right direction for individuals with disabilities. It helped all such individuals in their quest to attain equal rights as citizens of the United States of America, to enjoy the same privileges bestowed upon every other member of society. The act provides detailed information, including rules, regulations, and guidelines, for different societal institutions to abide by…

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Creating an upscale island for tennis lovers

Construction of the high-end tennis courts for seamless matches In tennis, when it comes to rhythm, speed, endurance, and reaction timing, the rectangular court position and coating may be crucial to the unprecedented players’ success. Feeling the sustainable extra-tough surface under the feet, predicting a bouncing ball behavior, anticipating opponent’s tactic effortlessly, avoiding fatiguing sunlight, all these and much more is possible on the well-designed and ultimately constructed court. A…

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Why maintain concrete?

Concrete is a dependable and everlasting pavement that would make any commercial or residential property look presentable and elegant. It is a suitable and timeless solution for your driveway, parking lot, patio, sidewalk, etc. However, while concrete requires only the small amount of maintenance, it does not mean that there should be no maintenance at all. Total absence of care, as well as character of usage and certain weather conditions…

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The True Cost of Ignoring Your Pavement

Property owners, who have already faced the consequences of leaving their pavement unattended, know that this title is not overdramatic. Neglecting your pavement issues can cost you a lot of money that otherwise could be spent on something more beneficial to your company.  This is quite a headache, which also drains your budget and stunts the growth of your business. To avoid this, you might want to be prepared. We…

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