Professional tips for choosing the best tennis court surface

Tennis is believed to have originated in northern France in the 12th century. Nowadays, this game is played around the world by thousands of people. This sport is considered to be the most popular in Australia, France, and New Zealand. As you may already know, tennis is played on various surfaces, including clay, grass, asphalt, concrete and others. The type of court affects the game style that tennis players should…

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5 secrets to building the ultimate kid-friendly court

There were times when tennis was strictly for adults. With heavy rackets, super bouncy balls, and large courts, it was physically too big of a challenge for children under teenage years to play this noble sport. However, the rules of the game have changed after the United States Tennis Association introduced the Under Tennis program in 2010. It focuses on changing the format of the game adopting it to the…

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Why Sealcoat a Parking Lot?

When learning about sealcoating, whether you’ve owned a parking lot for years or just purchased one recently, it can be very confusing on where to start to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investments. Saving as much money on preventative measures as possible, while still protecting your parking lot in the process can be challenging. Some might wonder whether or not sealcoating is needed, which we have…

Parking lot sealcoating

Why Is It Important to Sealcoat a Parking Lot

Many business owners who own parking lots are unaware of the damaging effects of winter, and how they can make you shell out your money. If you don’t manage to prepare your parking lot properly, there is a considerable risk of getting trapped. Before another brutal winter destroys your parking lot, let’s go over everything you need to know to be able to prevent severe damages. Here we will discuss…

Parking lot with sealcoating

Property Management Tips to Keep You Ahead Of Time In 2018

People usually believe that property managers only need to make sure that their tenants are happy and the property is in good condition. However, a lot of time and effort is dedicated to managing even a single property. Property managers need to be on their toes all the time ensuring that there are no grievances or damages around the block. They must also resolve every complaint, which is a hard…

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Understanding Why Every Property Manager Needs a Good Contractor

Property management is an industry providing many opportunities for employment growth and learning experiences. It also enables people of diverse classes to work together to form a more positive society. Generally, a property manager is provided a portfolio of properties to manage over a specific period of time. These estates can range from apartment blocks and hotels to shopping centers. Their primary job description includes upholding the estate they are…

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The Importance of Removing Trip Hazards in Everyday Life

Traffic accidents are believed to be the primary type of accident that lead to the majority of injuries and even death. However, trips and falls also make up a large percentage of accidents that cause severe injury to people. Factually, approximately 10,000 people are classified as having died from an unintentional death, where death caused by falls is the most common. Trips, falls and slips mostly occur on sidewalks, roads…

Trip hazard warning

A Quick Look into Why Filling Asphalt Pavement Cracks Is Important

Asphalt is one of the most common materials used for building parking lots and roadways. Asphalt can be found everywhere from the driveway of your home to the shopping center and to the highways. Asphalt is usually seen breaking or cracking as time passes. This can be caused by age, traffic load or a faulty foundation. A cracked pavement on the driveway of your home in particular not only affects…

Repairing pavement cracks

A Quick Guide on How to Pour Concrete in Cold Weather

There’s no particular season for constructing concrete driveways, sidewalks, curbs and gutters or foundations; therefore, contractors can work on these projects throughout the year in hot and cold weather. While it is easier to pour concrete in warmer weather as the substances blend together faster, doing so in cooler temperatures requires additional steps to be taken by the contractor. Many people, for this reason, leave the idea of doing anything…

The worker pouring concrete

Why ADA Compliant Sidewalks And Curb Ramps Are Important Today

The landmark Act was passed in 1990 protecting the rights of disabled people and also providing them with equal and fair opportunities. Known as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), this document made a more widespread attempt at providing disabled citizens equality on the streets of their cities. Title 2 regulations of the Act, further penetrated the need of treating all citizens the same way by bringing on board all…

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