A machine disposing of asphalt into a dump truck

Milling, Pulverizing, Stabilization: 3 Keys to Cost-Effective Asphalt Renovation

Asphalt is the most widely used material for parking lots, driveways and curbs. It's rather durable, can withstand multi-ton loads and can withstand extreme temperatures. Asphalt paving is a complicated process that requires a full understanding of its technical aspects. Today, we will talk about several processes for improving
Asphaltand repairing an existing asphalt surface.


Milling or cold planing is the most available and functionally versatile paving method. This process includes carefully removing one or several asphalt layers (or a patch of asphalt) without disturbing other layers, and then recycling the removed asphalt into an aggregate to be used again as new asphalt. While crushing the existing pavement, milling experts will simultaneously texturize the pavement and fix any issues like asphalt bleeding, raveling and shoving. Asphalt milling is recommended for parking lot owners who want to remove any sags and/or depressions from their parking lot. The use of special milling machines (or cold planers) makes asphalt milling the perfect technique for removing surface damage and performing full-depth repairs including sub-grade repairs. A milling machine is a money-saving piece of equipment. Its non-waste technology reclaims existing asphalt, which is then taken back to the asphalt plant where it is mixed with a recycling agent. Apart from patching and preparing parking lots for paving, milling machines can be used for removing the asphalt mix off of sewer hatches, creating rumble strips and laying transmission lines. Milling is an effective asphalt repair and renovation method that allows laying down new asphalt without raising the height of the existing asphalt lot, while removing the top layer of deteriorated asphalt and recycling the existing deteriorated asphalt.


Asphalt pulverizing or reclaiming is the initial stage of pavement renovation. This process should not be confused with milling because milling implies removing the existing asphalt layer, while pulverizing is focused on layer removal and grinding only. Asphalt pulverizing is done by using reclaimers. These machines grind the asphalt layer, leaving the recycled base for laying new pavement. Road reclaimers can go up to 10 inches in depth. Pulverizing helps sustain ground conditions and provide stability for the new layer of asphalt. It plays an important part in improving pavement surface and reducing traffic disruption. Moreover, it's a money-saving method because it does not require new base materials because the pulverized asphalt is used for creating a new layer. Pulverizing reduces the need of hauling away excess materials. Also, pulverizing is a quick procedure, which takes half the time as traditional excavation. The procedure that turns the base and the ground-up asphalt into a solid pavement is called stabilization.

An asphalt pulverizing truckSTABILIZATION

Stabilization is another stage of the asphalt renovation process. Following the process of pulverization, this technique provides pavement strengthening. A liquid asphalt binder is created from tar and other adhesive materials and is blended with the pulverized asphalt at high temperatures. The preferred temperature of the mix before it it applied varies depending on the asphalt specifics and to prevent any voids. As a result of stabilization, asphalt changes its properties (voids content reduction, increasing durability, becoming more temperature-resistant), and its surface remains solid for a longer period of time maintaining a high level of safety for traffic and pedestrians.


Mid Atlantic Asphalt uses these asphalt repair methods because they are cost-effective, eco-friendly and reliable. If your asphalted property is located anywhere in Maryland, Washington D.C. or Delaware, and needs repairs feel free to contact us. If you have not had the opportunity to work on a project with Mid Atlantic Asphalt, our hope is that you will give us a try on your next one. We certainly don’t claim to be perfect, but we're confident you’ll discover that the hassle that is so A machine disposing of asphalt into a dump truck common with construction projects will be pleasantly minimal when you work with Mid Atlantic Asphalt.