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Driveway Paving Services in Baltimore

Trust the Job to Mid Atlantic Asphalt

Since 1975, our company has been helping property owners build and perfect the land beneath their feet with our pavement services. We can handle all sorts of paving jobs, including driveway paving. Whether you have a short driveway or a winding one, you can count on us to get it paved exactly to your liking and in less time than you might think.

How we get down to business for driveway paving jobs:

  1. Explore options during an initial consultation.
  2. Arrange for work based on your schedule’s convenience.
  3. Fill cracks or resurface the driveway as needed.
  4. Make finishing touches and perfections.
  5. Inspect the entire job and get your approval.
  6. Discuss warranties on materials, if applicable.

In other words, we make paving or resurfacing your driveway as simple as can be. All you need to do to get great Baltimore driveway paving services is dial (410) 999-1263. After that, we take care of the rest!

resurfacing asphalt driveways

The constant fluctuations in the climate of Maryland mean that asphalt will eventually wear down under the constant stress of expanding and contracting in the cold and heat. A single severe summer or winter can, unfortunately, cause enough damage to require immediate repair. When enough years have passed, a total resurfacing becomes necessary. When your day has come to resurface your asphalt driveway, our team is here and ready to get your pavement back to a smooth state and finished look.

Arrange Easy Repairs & Maintenance for Your Driveway

Sometimes fully repaving or replacing your driveway isn’t the most cost-effective option for what you want. We will happily let you know if repairs or general maintenance for your driveway would be better. With a little bit of work handled by our industry experts, who are all equipped with top-grade tools and training, your driveway can be looking – and feeling – like new. No more bumps and dents when you get home!

To arrange your asphalt driveway paving in Baltimore, contact us at any time.

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  • Certified ARMOR® Installer

    Each project is completed using the best in materials by technicians that have been trained and certified.

  • Cost Effective Solutions

    New paved surfaces cost half as much as other concrete surfaces & have more options available to ensure longevity.

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    Founded by Austin Rice, in 1975, Mid Atlantic Asphalt offers fair prices and impeccable service.

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    We steer clear of the reputation that the construction industry has, by focusing on our customers satisfaction.