Professional asphalt demolition at your first call

As they say, sometimes you need to tear down the old, before you can build something new. And when you do, Mid-Atlantic is at your service, ready to help you 24/7. We are aimed at providing first-class demolition services on projects of varying size and complexity in Glen Burnie, Annapolis and neighborhood areas. From residential to commercial, we provide a full spectrum of concrete demolition services, including site preparation, hazardous materials removal, decontamination and mass excavation. No matter whether you live in Baltimore, Howard, Montgomery, Anne Arundel or Prince George’s County, we will come to your city and do our job in the best way possible.


Our concrete demolition contractors can help you every step of the way — from removing your existing pavement to constructing a brand-new surface. In the end, replaced asphalt will provide a quality surface for years to come, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your whole pavement system is solid from top to bottom.

We stand apart from all the other concrete removal companies

What makes us stand out from the crowd is the fact that our demolition team provides itself with more than efficiency. Our experts put all their efforts into making your asphalt removal experience easier. For that reason, we continually improve and expand our range of services according to the latest demolition trends. In our practice, we use knowledge and professional tools necessary to do the job right.


You can be assured that our concrete removal methods are environmentally friendly, creating as little impact as possible on the environment. Therefore, if you need a safe and reliable demolition work for your site in Columbia, Ellicott City or surrounding cities, Mid Atlantic Asphalt is exactly the company you need.

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Why choose our concrete demolition services

Even though our asphalt contractors are as anxious to break the ground as you are, years of experience have taught us that prior planning is as essential to the success of a job as what happens while on site. When preparing for a new project in Towson, Baltimore or nearby cities, we obtain identification of utilities from records, proper permits and through follow-up at your physical location since records are not always reliable.


Still hesitating about hiring concrete demolition contractors? Clear mind of doubts! Here is a list of reasons why hiring our concrete demolition contractors to complete any tasks regarding demolition is a must:


  1. Safety: we know how to accomplish projects of any complexity in the safest way possible. Our asphalt removal specialists have been properly trained in safety techniques. As a result, they know how to execute each task with accuracy and precision. They know how to minimize risks and dangers on the job be it asphalt removal in Bethesda, Potomac or Bowie, Laurel.


  1. Expertise & Experience: we are the best at what we do because we know how to handle equipment properly. In addition to having specialized skills, our asphalt removal experts know how to apply them in practice. They can manage each type of demolition project without any difficulty. We guarantee they are capable of demolishing any concrete structure with precision.


  1. Flexibility: is another benefit of hiring our concrete demolition contractors. As it was mentioned above, we work on projects both large and small, and we are willing to work on them according to your schedule. In the event you have a timeline, we can work according to that timeline. That’s why it’s so beneficial to hire our concrete demolition company.


We have sophisticated equipment and crews available to handle a huge variety of site needs, keeping production high and client’s costs low.
Ahead Of Schedule
Ahead Of Schedule
Our asphalt removal contractors can work according to your timeline so that you can reach your goals involving the demolition.