Winter is Coming: How To Protect Your Asphalt In The Fall!

As with any concrete-containing surface, pavement requires thorough preparation for the cold season. It is clear that preventative maintenance steps should be taken before freezing weather arrives. Engrave this rule of thumb in your memory: the sooner, the better. However, preparation procedures can be implemented even in the late fall if weather conditions are adequate. Given heavy snow loads, freezing temperatures, the influence of salt and water, the winter turns…

Road and trees in winter

Air-entrained concrete: How to make sure your pavement survives the winter

Air entrainment sounds like a complicated and intricate term. But actually, it is simply a creation of minute air bubbles in the concrete. Air entrainment can be done at a batch plant or manually by a worker on site. The science behind the process is pretty easy, but it plays a major role in increasing the workability of the concrete in a plastic state as well as its durability when…

Pavement Survives Winter

Asphalt Sealing: How to Protect a Parking Lot from Sun Damage

Asphalt is widely used for the construction of roads, highways, and parking lots. It is 100% recyclable. Unlike concrete pavements, which are prone to holes and cracks due to an uneven base, asphalt makes perfectly smooth runways, which can sustain heavy use and extreme weather conditions. Asphalt is not indestructible though. It is a conductor of heat. Walking barefoot across the asphalted surface is definitely not recommended. Asphalt can heat…

Asphalt Sealing


Asphalt is used to build roads, parking lots, and runways. A strong material made of stone, gravel, and sand, asphalt is 100% recyclable, which means that it can be melted and reused. Asphalt paving costs less than concrete pavement and provides a better skid and traction resistance for vehicles. For these reasons, asphalt has become the number one choice for the most road construction companies. If you work in the…

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Tennis Court Maintenance

It is always exciting to install an indoor or outdoor tennis court at your facility. The fun begins with choosing all of the awesome features for your new court area such as the fencing system, court surface, lighting, and shade shelter. Later on, you can outfit your court with all the cool accessories and equipment that are must-haves. However, as soon as you finish the first game and celebrate your…

tennis court maintenance

How to Provide A Good Tennis Court for Kids?

It is essential to hit the right track and follow an individual approach when introducing the magic of the game to children. Tennis is a sport that implies quickness, excellent reaction skills, and fast decision-making. For the little ones, however, entertaining purposes are the number one priority. And there is a reason. According to the vast majority of psychological studies, an enjoyable pastime can entail the kid’s encouragement and full…

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Things You Should Know to Effectively Manage an HOA Parking Lot

If you are a homeowner’s association (HOA) manager, your core responsibility is to take good care of the property you are responsible for. Along with arranging for landscaping of your property grounds, coordinating trash removal, keeping all financial records current, and scheduling homeowner’s meetings, you also need to properly maintain all commonly-used structures. Maintaining parking lot pavement and concrete is a part of HOA managers’ duties. However, not every HOA…

Parking Lot Maintenance

Milling, Pulverizing, Stabilization: 3 Keys to Cost-Effective Asphalt Renovation

Asphalt is the most widely used material for parking lots, driveways and curbs. It’s rather durable, can withstand multi-ton loads and can withstand extreme temperatures. Asphalt paving is a complicated process that requires a full understanding of its technical aspects. Today, we will talk about several processes for improving and repairing an existing asphalt surface. Milling Milling or cold planing is the most available and functionally versatile paving method. This…

asphalt milling

Pickleball Grows: Big Popularity Calls for Big Business

Pickleball has gained much popularity lately, particularly through the recent years. Currently, it’s seen among the fastest developing sports in the USA. Today, the majority of recreation departments and parks across the USA have already put this 50 year old game into their sporting programs. But what does pickleball actually stand for? Why has it become so attractive for people? How long this trend expected to last for? After all,…

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Why Doing Maintenance Is So Important for Your Tennis Court?

A well-constructed tennis court is more than a luxury, it’s good exercise. However, to extend the life-cycle, you need to follow a standard maintenance schedule.  No doubts, doing a checkup and fixing the first signs of deterioration is more cost-effective than letting it continue to deteriorate to the point of no return. Moreover, a poorly cared tennis court will become a real hazard for everyone. Even if you’re performing annual maintenance, sooner or later…

Outdoor Tennis Court Directly Above