Asphalt Overlay

When a pavement surface deteriorates and features an unaesthetic look, parking lot owners often make a last-ditch effort to replace it completely. Even if you are desperately worried about unsafe conditions it may pose to your potential customers, asphalt removal is not always the most optimal way out. At Mid-Atlantic Asphalt, we offer professional asphalt paving services which include an overlay. It’s an effective technique of applying a new layer to a damaged surface to add a new look to your parking lot and extend its functional life. An overlay can be used for the existing asphalt and concrete pavements.

Often referred to as one of the most reliable asphalt paving contractors by its customers, Mid-Atlantic Asphalt offers overlay services of the highest quality. We put a premium on customer satisfaction, durable materials, and reasonable pricing. Check out our Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau ratings to make sure you count on those who will improve your parking lot professionally.

We’ve been providing parking lot owners with long-term asphalt solutions for over four decades. It is our experience that allows us to stand out from other asphalt and paving companies and proves there is nothing beyond our abilities. Mid-Atlantic Asphalt serves facilities all over Maryland, including:

  • Anne Arundel County – Glen Burnie, Annapolis.
  • Howard County – Columbia, Ellicott City.
  • Baltimore County – Towson and Baltimore City.
  • Prince George’s County – Bowie, Laurel.
  • Montgomery County – Bethesda, Potomac.
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Before applying a pavement overlay, we make sure all drains, dumpster pads, sidewalks, and curbing are in good repair. The next step is loose material removal to turn your surface into a smooth one. This is performed to make sure there is nothing to get in the way while covering an area. Once this is done, we apply a compacted asphalt layer over the existing pavement to end up with the solution that looks great and meets safety requirements in your region. Finally, our asphalt paving services include installation of bumper blocks, bollards, speed humps, as well as marking of parking spaces, handicap logos, stencils, arrows, and everything you need to make the area as safe as possible.


After the existing surface is prepared, it’s up to you to customize the asphalt overlay thickness. It usually varies according to pavement types and loads they are intended to withstand.
Applying a new layer of asphalt over the existing one is considered to be the most optimal solution to add a new look and extra protection to your parking lot.
A professionally applied pavement overlay is capable of extending the service life of your surface and maintaining its features at the highest level for 10-15 years to come. To provide parking lot owners with such a solution, Mid-Atlantic Asphalt uses durable and water-resistant materials.
If compared to complete replacement, installing a new asphalt layer is a more time-saving project. This means your customers are not supposed to put up with the unavailable parking lot too long.
An overlay project will not cost you an arm and a leg, especially when hiring Mid-Atlantic Asphalt.