Asphalt Overlay

Asphalt Overlay in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia

If your pavement is damaged, then you may think that your only option is to replace it. Are you worried that it’s unsafe or turns people away because of its appearance? You may think that an asphalt removal and replacement is your only option, but in fact, there are other solutions.  If your parking lot is strong enough, you could do an asphalt overlay instead, which will save time and money. An asphalt overlay goes right on top of the existing asphalt, or we can even provide an asphalt overlay on concrete.


We take pride in having serviced the Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and Delaware regions for over four decades, while offering our customers the highest quality professional asphalt overlay service. We believe in customer satisfaction and honest pricing, which are reflected in our Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List ratings. An asphalt overlay will make your parking lot safer, while giving it a new look at a fraction of the cost.

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We begin by repairing damaged areas such as drains, steps, dumpster pads, curbing or sidewalks. Next, we remove any loose material from the surface. The asphalt installation process consists of a new layer of asphalt, which is applied on top of your existing asphalt surface, compacted and smoothed so that the surface is safe, secure and looks great. Lastly, we install parking stalls, handicap logos, arrows, stencils, signage, bumper blocks, speed humps, and even bollards, making is safe for your customers to navigate through your parking lot.


You can customize the thickness of your asphalt overlay depending on the amount and type of traffic the parking lot is expected to have.
A brand new parking lot surface made by utilizing your existing asphalt surface saves you time and money.
Adds 10-15 years to the life of your pavement. The materials are designed for strength and durability and are resistant to water damage. As one of the top asphalt paving contractors, we also provide and recommend regular maintenance.
An asphalt overlay project is a very quick process compared to an asphalt replacement project; therefore, limiting the amount of time your parking lot is unavailable to your customers.
An asphalt overlay is much less expensive and takes half the time to install compared to an asphalt replacement project.